Project Blog – Workshop 9 & 10 (8/5/14 & 15/5/14)

Workshop 9 – 8 May 2014

On what was a wildly wet Thursday, we took refuge in the Museum of Liverpool to soak up some knowledge about our fair city. To ward off our resulting chills, we sat down to a lovely, warming bowl of our project’s namesake, Scouse. It was so good that some people had seconds! Now we all know what goes into the actual recipe for scouse and – more importantly – what it tastes like!

We were given a tour by the lively Matt, who let us in on some of the secrets and little known facts behind the exhibits! We came away with some great titbits: that there had been a fifth Beatle, that a few of the things on show were brought in before the walls were up and even the Queen’s favourite display.

All in all, an inspiring day was had by everyone… with ideas for our film bubbling away! Our thanks also go out to the staff at the Museum of Liverpool, who made our trip so enjoyable and informative and kept the doors open for us after hours. What’s there not to love about having a venue to ourselves, while the general public are being turned away?! – Michelle

Workshop 10 – 15 May 2014

This week, we took all the bubbling enthusiasm that our trip to the Museum of Liverpool gave us and channelled it into thinking creatively about our film: what scenes we want in it and how they fit together.

Our scriptwriting team took to solitude and hot beverages to help them churn out the particulars of the script, while our animators got busy chopping all the Scouse ingredients and seeing how they would look and move on film; joined by our technical group, who discovered the finer points of sound editing. The biggest group used the performance space to come up with and act out a dramatic scene for the film about Liverpool maritime history. There was even room for a colourful parrot!

At this stage in the project, everyone’s starting to get to grips with the process and we can definitely say “Land ahoy!”

I know, groaning at that last one too! – Michelle


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