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Here’s a brief overview of the Recipe For Scouse Project, including our Workshops and Other Activities…



Flashback – Here’s a Slideshow looking back at all that we have done as part of the Recipe For Scouse Project. We’ve all really enjoyed it and feel very proud of the film that we’ve made :o)

Slideshow – A look back at the Recipe For Scouse Project


29 January 2015 – After a relaxing break over Christmas we all got together for one last Recipe For Scouse Project Workshop at The Museum of Liverpool. We made some videos giving our feedback and thoughts about the project, did some more work towards our Arts Awards and got to celebrate what we had achieved. It was good to get everyone back together and… We also found out that our film will be seen by even more people as it is now on YouTube!… PLUS it will soon be put on exhibition in The Museum of Liverpool aswell !! :o)

8 December 2014 – 18 January 2015 – Our Recipe For Scouse film was put on display in Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery for all of the gallery’s visitors to see.

December 2014 – Our film was presented to staff and pupils at each of the schools that most of us attended. This included Sandfield Park, Aigburth and Redbridge Schools. We each had the opportunity to introduce the films at our own schools.

27 November 2014 – Finally… OUR BIG NIGHT HAD ARRIVED! This was the day of our FILM PREMIERE at The Museum of Liverpool. It was brilliant! With all our Family and Friends and people who had been involved in helping us to make the film invited. We each took it in turns to present a slideshow of what we had done throughout the project and we finished by showing our film – just like in a real cinema. We all felt very proud! Here are some photos and also the Slideshow that we presented.

Slideshow – Our Presentation from the Recipe For Scouse Film Premiere Night

20 November 2014 – With most of the film in the final stages of editing, we went over some of our Arts Award work, with Jordan presenting to the group about portraits of American Presidents. We then got everyone together to take some group photos.

11 November 2014 – To add more to our films coverage of the Music Scene in Liverpool, we managed to get another celebrity interview, this time with Hip Hop artist, KOF.

30 October 2014 – We hit the streets and found a great local band called Paper Wings, busking in Liverpool City Centre. They agreed to be part of our film and to help represent the Music that is so important in the city.

21 October 2014 – We contacted Everton Football Club to help us talk about how imortant Football is in Liverpool and we were really excited when Leighton Baines agreed to let us go to the Everton Training Ground and Interview him. We saw a few other Football Stars while we were there too!… So it was a great day (especially for the Everton Fans).

16 October 2014 – We worked on our Arts Award (taking part in an art form) this week. As well as more editing and adding special effects to the film, including funny background music, kitchen sounds and bird noises! Everyone got together to review how the sounds were working.

2 October 2014 – More editing this week… We focussed on the bits of the film that included “The Cook”. These bits were extra important because they joined all of the different sections of the film together.

25 September 2014 – Today we got down to the nitty gritty and started editing and adding sound effects to our film.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Mid-July to Mid-September 2014… Our Summer Break. We had a chance to go away for a few weeks and think about the things we wanted to do when we started to edit and add sound to our film. Also, if there were any other last bits of filming that we would like to squeeze in…. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 3 July 2014 – Today was our last day of filming, we wrapped (or rapped) to record some poor jokes, voices of pigeons and a great piece of beat boxing and rapping created by our own rap artist.

26 June 2014 – A slower paced day today creating the animations for the films, vegetables have never looked so good.

19 June 2014 – Another day filming at the Dock we had a great time dressing up as pirates and filming on the Zebu tall ship in the morning in the afternoon we headed back to Sandfield Park School to use the green screen to film scenes to create our own girl giant.

12 June 2014 – We headed down to Albert Docks today and filmed the scenes with water themes, we had a great time dressing up in our costumes and the lovely people of the Daniel Adamson boat allowed us to film aboard.

5 June 2014 – On our second day of filming we headed to Sandfield Park School, to concentrate on the introductions by the Chef, we had a great afternoon and a star in the making.

29 May 2014 – We started filming our first location was outside the Museum of Liverpool where we filmed a scene talking about what’s on in Liverpool we then swapped locations and went up to Stanley Park so we had a view of both football stadiums.

22 May 2014 – Our actors polished their skills and worked on a scene for the film with and overview, comments and suggestions from our budding directors. We finalised the script so we are ready for filming, fingers crossed.

15 May 2014BLOG: This week, we took all the bubbling enthusiasm that our trip to the Museum of Liverpool gave us and channelled it into thinking creatively about our film: what scenes we want in it and how they fit together. Our scriptwriting team took to solitude and hot beverages to help them churn out the particulars of the script, while our animators got busy chopping all the Scouse ingredients and seeing how they would look and move on film; joined by our technical group, who discovered the finer points of sound editing. The biggest group used the performance space to come up with and act out a dramatic scene for the film about Liverpool maritime history. There was even room for a colourful parrot! At this stage in the project, everyone’s starting to get to grips with the process and we can definitely say “Land ahoy!” I know, groaning at that last one too! – Michelle

8 May 2014BLOG: On what was a wildly wet Thursday, we took refuge in the Museum of Liverpool to soak up some knowledge about our fair city. To ward off our resulting chills, we sat down to a lovely, warming bowl of our project’s namesake, Scouse. It was so good that some people had seconds! Now we all know what goes into the actual recipe for scouse and – more importantly – what it tastes like! We were given a tour by the lively Matt, who let us in on some of the secrets and little known facts behind the exhibits! We came away with some great titbits: that there had been a fifth Beatle, that a few of the things on show were brought in before the walls were up and even the Queen’s favourite display. All in all, an inspiring day was had by everyone… with ideas for our film bubbling away! Our thanks also go out to the staff at the Museum of Liverpool, who made our trip so enjoyable and informative and kept the doors open for us after hours. What’s there not to love about having a venue to ourselves, while the general public are being turned away?! – Michelle

1 May 2014 – In this week’s session the group worked with Lynne to develop their directing skills. They practised this by directing a short part of the filming in the Bluecoat garden. They then went on to work with Nicola on camera operation skills and filmed some of the young people laughing. The group also took this session as an opportunity to get started on their arts awards, several young people decided to set up their online ‘Arts Box’ profiles in order to start uploading evidence to their portfolios!

24 April 2014 – BLOG: Now the fun’s just beginning! We were split into groups according to the area in which we’re most interested; whether that’s animation, scriptwriting or filming and – of course – we’ll all now be working towards our Arts Awards along the way. This meant that everyone got to do something they really enjoyed and we got some vital work done for our upcoming filmic masterpiece in the process! While lots of us started beavering away on preparation and research for Arts Awards, the animation group made great use of the technology available in the DaDaFest office to get to grips with basics of animation and the scriptwriters took advantage of the good weather and the Bluecoat’s garden to get their creative juices flowing (and we’re sticking to that explanation!). By the end of the session, all the groups had made good progress and taken some great first steps in the creation of our Recipe for Scouse. Here’s hoping for more of the same next week! – Michelle 3 April 2014 – A small group of us filmed outside the Bluecoat and asked people questions about their Liverpool and the rest of the group worked in groups to create our script for the film. There were some great ideas for the film and how it relates to ingredients in Scouse.

27 March 2014 – We started some screen writing and used the Walker art gallery to do basic filmmaking.

20 March 2014 – We visited the Maritime museum and found out about the Titanic

13 March 2014 – We continued with basic filmmaking and listed locations and people to interview for the film.

6 March 2014 – We continued with the basic filmmaking and we also looked at the at the Walker art collection that we could include in our film.

27 February 2014 – We did some basic filmmaking and brought together research ideas for the film.

13 February 2014 – We had an introduction to film making and refined our research choices.

6 February 2014 – We set ourselves targets and developed ideas about research and timelines.

30 January 2014 – We looked at what roles artwork could play in our film by having an introduction of the Gallery.

23 January 2014 – We had team building and the creation of our code of conduct.

16 January 2014 – We had interviews for the project manager and brainstormed what we were going to research for the film.

9 January 2014 – We started with selecting a film company and 20 young people for the project group. We also planned what we would do in sessions to come.


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