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Project Updates

As the Recipe for Scouse project is now completely underway, we’ve chronicled the journey so far on the ‘Project Updates‘ tab above. After each workshop, we’ll upload a brief description of what happened with a few images.

To see what’s happened on the project so far, visit: https://recipeforscouse.wordpress.com/project-timeline/ 


Welcome to Recipe for Scouse!

Recipe for Scouse is an exciting project for young disabled people in Merseyside. The group is creating a film all about Liverpool’s heritage and the “ingredients” of our cultural identity.

The project is now under way and the last few sessions have seen the group get to know each other and begin researching and coming up with ideas for what they want to be in the film. The group has also met the film-makers from “First Take”, a local film production company.

The group will soon begin training to create their film. This will involve participating in workshops to learn how to operate the camera, act, edit, create music and much more! One of our resident bloggers will be keeping track of what goes on and providing a re-cap right here on the site!

Stay tuned to see how this brilliant project develops.