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Project Blog – Workshop 8 (01/05/14)

In this week’s session the group worked with Lynne to develop their directing skills. They practised this by directing a short part of the filming in the Bluecoat garden. They then went on to work with Nicola on camera operation skills and filmed some of the young people laughing.

The group also took this session as an opportunity to get started on their arts awards, several young people decided to set up their online ‘Arts Box’ profiles in order to start uploading evidence to their portfolios!


Project Blog – Workshop 7 (24/04/14)

Now the fun’s just beginning! We were split into groups according to the area in which we’re most interested; whether that’s animation, scriptwriting or filming and – of course – we’ll all now be working towards our Arts Awards along the way.

This meant that everyone got to do something they really enjoyed and we got some vital work done for our upcoming filmic masterpiece in the process! While lots of us started beavering away on preparation and research for Arts Awards, the animation group made great use of the technology available in the DaDaFest office to get to grips with basics of animation and the scriptwriters took advantage of the good weather and the Bluecoat’s garden to get their creative juices flowing (and we’re sticking to that explanation!).

By the end of the session, all the groups had made good progress and taken some great first steps in the creation of our Recipe for Scouse. Here’s hoping for more of the same next week!

– Michelle

Welcome to Recipe for Scouse!

Recipe for Scouse is an exciting project for young disabled people in Merseyside. The group is creating a film all about Liverpool’s heritage and the “ingredients” of our cultural identity.

The project is now under way and the last few sessions have seen the group get to know each other and begin researching and coming up with ideas for what they want to be in the film. The group has also met the film-makers from “First Take”, a local film production company.

The group will soon begin training to create their film. This will involve participating in workshops to learn how to operate the camera, act, edit, create music and much more! One of our resident bloggers will be keeping track of what goes on and providing a re-cap right here on the site!

Stay tuned to see how this brilliant project develops.